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Passion. Dedication. Family-run. The unique personalities that drive this kind of footwear production house brings to life wearable works of art. A.S.98 shoes are skillfully crafted by hand.

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Adam Tucker has designed shoes in collaboration with Me Too and has created exclusive footwear for Anthropologie. Now he has his own label of comfortable, cushiony, and fashionable footwear. Come in and try a pair of Adam Tucker shoes!

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The Dassler brothers started making sport shoes in their mother's wash kitchen but as brothers sometimes do, went their separate ways. Rudolph's shoes eventually became Puma, Adolf's were registered as Adidas (the name taken from Adi, short for Adolf, and Das from Dassler). Adolf understood the importance of identifying with prominent athletes and supplied shoes and components for two early Olympic gold medal winners, Lina Radke (1928 Amsterdam) and Jesse Owens (1936 Berlin). Since then, elite athletes the world over have been drawn to Adidas, and a legend was born.

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Alegria by PG Lite is dedicated to making cute work for you. With unique styles and materials wedded to patented comfort technology, you can choose to be comfortable at work and at play...all day.

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ALL BLACK came to the North American scene in summer of 2006. The footwear is fashion forward and features innovative materials and retro-inspired designs but with "Soft Sole" construction that provides the all-important element of comfort.

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What happens when dedicated elite runners start hacking their footwear in the back room of a Wasatch Mountain store? Altra Running shoes! What started out as experimental shoe alterations has transformed into the only shoe company to provide a cushioned Zero Drop platform and FootShapeâ„¢ toe box.

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If you take good care of your feet, they'll take good care of you. Aravon applies this philosophy to their shoes. The goal is to make sure that your feet get the 360 degree expert fit they deserve. They look great too!

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The designers at Arche start with the belief that black and brown do not go with everything. The use of a huge palette of rich, vibrant colors in the highest quality luxurious leathers, suedes, and nubucks reflect the latest trends. Perhaps the feature that truly sets Arche footwear apart from the crowd is found in the use of 100% natural latex in its soles. The pure hevea milk, harvested in tropical Asia according to ancient traditions is stored in liquid form so that it will not be denatured. It is then hand-poured into molds crafted in-house by Arche. Hevea milk gives exceptional comfort to Arche's soles. It is a noble, living, exceptional material.

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Since 1966 Arcopedico shoes have been synonymous with comfort and breathability. In every pair of Arcopedico shoes you get the Techno-elastic upper, and anatomic footbed, and a unique twin arch support system. We have found Arcopedico shoes to be an ideal shoe for travel! They fly through security checks with easy to remove styles and the breathable uppers keep feet happy through long flights in pressurized cabins.

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From Portugal to the world! AsPortuguesas is the first all-cork flip-flop brand. Cork is a material that allows for the production of footwear that does not harm our ecosphere. One ton of cork retrieves 72 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. AsPortuguesas has moved beyond great cork flip-flops to great sustainable enclosed footwear.

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Astral was founded in 2002 on the banks of the Rocky Broad River near Asheville, NC. The Astral team is comprised of dedicated paddlers, designers, and engineers seeking to create cool stuff that meets the needs of their customers in a refreshing way.