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Fit for Adventure. That's the tagline for Chaco footwear and it's not just a catchy phrase. Chaco sandals have become a leader in rugged and highly supportive gear for any outdoor activity. With a unique sliding strap design you can get just the right fit. Chaco sandals are resoleable and can be customized by artisans at Chaco.

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A little bit funky, a little bit edgy, a lot of fun! When you see Chelsea Crew shoes that's what you'll think. When you try a pair on you'll wonder how so much fashion could feel so comfortable. All Chelsea Crew shoes feature the highest quality materials, on-trend designs, and fun colors.

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Trendy. Boutique. Put the two vibes together and you'll find Chocolat Blu in the thick of the action. Once a private line found exclusively in New York City, these shoes have limited distribution beyond the Big Apple and you can find them here!

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Once upon a time, rainboots were a dreary accessory that allowed you to get from point A to point B with dry feet. Today, Chooka rainboots are a canvas against which wild and zany designs have been cast. Thus Chooka has elevated rainboots from accessory to the basis for a fashion look. Oh, and they keep the rain out too.

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When many people think of Clarks, three iconic profiles come to mind. Sixty years ago Nathan Clark interpreted a shoe found in the bazaars of Cairo and favored by British officers and brought us the Desert Boot. A simple, uncluttered moccasin caught the eye of Lance Clark in the 60's and another classic was born, the renowned Wallabee. In Ireland in the 70's Lance refined a style that made an impression on the wife of a prominent abstract artist while in Holland. The fruit of his efforts became the Desert Trek, and its distinctive center seam took America by storm. All three of these designs were built around Clarks nature form last and seem to just fit the contours of the foot, naturally. Of course, these timeless designs are hardly the only thing that Clarks is accomplished at. To see the full scope of great up-to-date styles interpreted with comfort in mind you'll have to browse our selection for yourself.

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Cole Haan has become synonymous with quality, durability, and credibility. Originally a men's label, it was started in Chicago back in 1928 when Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan introduced an innovative men’s fashion with its penny loafers, saddles, bucks and handsewn footwear. The innovations and contributions have never stopped. Today you'll discover pace-setting designs infused with Nike Air technology that will elevate your comfort lever whether buying men's or women's shoes.

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CONVERSE IS SOLD IN-STORE ONLY! Please call for availability. In 1913 Mr. Converse produced a catalog in which he said, "there is an earnest demand...for a rubber shoe company that would be independent enough not to follow every other company in every thing they do." Those words could have been a manifesto. As a young company, Converse took up with a then young sport, Basketball, and the rest was history. Today the classic Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell shoes continue to be trend setters.

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Corso Como shoes combine fresh innovations in style, impeccable details, and a conscientious global view with beautifully crafted shoes. These shoes are hand assembled in elite boutique factories and a portion of every sale is donated to charities that advocate various environmental and social causes. Even the packaging uses recyclable paper that saves about 2,000 trees per year.

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Coming Spring 2017. You will never forget the experience of trying on your first pair of Cydwoq shoes! They are handcrafted, architectural shoes that use biodegradable water-based glues and vegetable tanned leathers. The styling is so unique it is timeless!