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Many shoes today are made in China using lightweight inexpensive materials that don’t offer much support and often breakdown in less than year. Squishy insoles that feel good in the store, don’t usually hold up by the end of a long day and wear down quickly. Famolare's perfectly padded long lasting insoles sit on top of quality rubber soles that will last 20 years or more. It’s that perfect blend of high quality raw materials that are mostly sourced locally, combined with the patented wavy sole design and quality hand-craftsmanship that provides the stability, enhanced gait, and long-lasting comfort you feel as you walk or stand on your feet all day. Famolares are designed to conform to your feet. They will likely add some pep to your step and maybe even make you feel like dancing

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A new class of working man and business professional began to emerge at the turn of the 19th century. Florsheim allowed this new class of men to dress in a way that projected deep self-respect to clients. The result was the emergence of dressing for success in business. To this day, all Florsheim shoes are designed for the man who cares about the image he projects.

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Fly London captures the eyes of anyone who likes to keep a finger on the pulse of fashion trends. Each collection is an original. Each shoe is designed to feel as good as they look.

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Footmates specializes in "classic" shoe designs for children. The difference is over 50 years of experience and a specialized Custom Fit System that allows skilled fitters to work with sometimes difficult toddler feet.

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Franco Sarto started work at age 14 hand-lasting shoes and from there his passion for cutting edge fashion was sparked. His experience taught him that great looking footwear need not compromise wearability. You'll find his influence in every pair of the shoes that bear the name Franco Sarto.

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Free People designs, cuts, and sews with a very particular target in mind! They seek to pique the imagination of the twenty-something young women who is smart, creative, confident, and comfortable with all of her whims. She likes to travel and to push her life in new directions. The shoes? Perfect!

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Freshly Picked is a home-grown, American-designed, American-made brand! With real sweat equity and determination, Susan Peterson designed and re-designed the signature moccasins that brought Freshly Picked to the national scene on Shark Tank. The result is a product that just works! They fit even the chubbiest little feet and they stay on. Frugal moms can buy these moccasins big and let their kids grow. They are built to last and can be passed down to little brothers, sister, cousins, etc. They are so worth it!

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The Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. When homesteaders headed west from New England in the mid and late 1800's many wore Frye boots. Frye Wellingtons, called Jet Boots, outfitted thousands of soldiers during WW2. In the 1960's Frye refreshed its original boot and brought the world the Campus boot. Its bulky toe and chunky heel came to epitomize the culture of the 60s and the 70s. When the Smithsonian Institute went looking for items that best represented American culture in the 60s it chose this boot and it remains on display to this day. When you buy Frye footwear you step into a personal piece of American culture and craftsmanship.

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Over 25 years ago, Randy Ochart took a true ballerina fit, and created a line of iconic shoes that have become known the world over. Today his designs incorporate over 300 treatments and are manufactured by the best craftsmen in Spain, Italy, France, and Brazil. You'll also see the occasional modest heel in the bunch from time to time.