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With the magnificent Mediterranean coast as inspiration and a region renowned for jute handicrafts, Kanna shoes were born. Jute footwear has been the specialty of brothers Juan and Tomas De La Cerda. While espadrilles form the basis for the line, today customers will find that Kanna shoes has developed an ecclectic stylistic vocabulary that has broadened to inclued biker and glam-rock inspired creations.

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The classic, original sneaker, "the Champion" has been a style icon for over ninety years. Each generation discovers the sleek, easy-going style of Keds. Today, the Keds brand is helping to inspire a collective spirit of new American style, youthful optimism, collaboration and togetherness.

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Founded in 2003, Keen shoes were first designed to protect the toes with their signature rubber bumper. They found immediate success in the sailing world and in other outdoor and water activities. Today, Keen footwear offers shoes for a wide range of activities and they have sought to give back to the world by supporting and partnering with organizations whose vision they share. In 2004, for instance, Keen donated its entire marketing budget to relief efforts in connection with the Asian tsunami. Keen footwear is rugged, environmentally conscious, and comfortable.

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Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn embodies the vibe of innovation and fashion you would expect of the bustle and hip neighborhoods engendered by the NY state of mind.

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Since 1953 comfort has been the intention of Brooklyn-based Kork-Ease footwear. The straightforward simplicity of the shoes became a fashion icon in the '70s fashion scene. Now the Kork-Ease wedge sandals are the go-to shoe for a whole new generation of comfort-seeking fashionistas.