L'Amour Des Pieds | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Career women need comfort and style! L'Amour Des Pieds shoes feature arch supports that conform to the foot and memory-foam insoles. The linings are sheepskin to make your feet feel fabulous.

Lamo Sheepskin | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Lamo is a US based company that seeks to put their resources into making a great, affordable product. Sheepskin and fleece slippers are so comfy year 'round due to the thermal balance and pressure point relief that is a natural part of the material. Slip on a pair and just relax!

Livie & Luca | Go to products made by this brand: Girls

Livie & Luca shoes incorporate brightly colored leathers, bold designs, and whimsical touches that capture the playful nature of childhood. This line of kid's footwear also makes use of eco-friendly practices wherever possible and please remember, Livie & Luca shoes are made by hand. That's why you'll be able to see the maker's markings under the strap. It is also why every pair of shoes will be a little bit different. To further reduce their carbon footprint, Livie & Luca choses to use remains of high quality leather that would otherwise be discarded.

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Lowa is 100% developed and manufactured in Europe under the EU's stringent manufacturing, environmental, and labor regulations. Their footwear is created in factories dedicated to clean manufacturing, with minimal waste and fair labor practices. The rugged outdoor footwear is designed to get nature-lovers where they want to go.

Lucky Brand | Go to products made by this brand: Women

You already know the Southern California vibe found in Lucky Brand Jeans! Now the look and feel you love has a refreshing foundation, Lucky Brand shoes. The footwear is inspired by the orange groves and mountains of Ojai and the beach towns that dot the Pacific Coast Highway.