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Naot footwear came into being in 1948 and has grown to embrace a worldwide following and a global aesthetic. At the heart of every pair is an all natural cork and latex footbed that caresses and supports the foot for all-day comfort. The footbeds are anatomically designed to absorb shock and moisture. Many patterns have a removable footbed that allows the wearer to incorporate a custom orthotic. The uppers are fine, breathable Italian leathers and there are styles to fit your every need. Tops for Shoes boasts the largest selection of Naot footwear in the region!

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What do you get when you take the lightest, most comfortable materials available and interpret classic, casual silhouettes? The best of both worlds! The aesthetic is relaxed, flexible and active for anybody, anywhere, anytime...

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Naturino shoes come from over 30 years of Italian design experience and are recommended by pediatricians and foot specialists who appreciate the soft support, removable insole and flexible bottoms of these shoes. Naturino shoes bring color, fun, and fashion consciousness into your child's life. Practical, durability will keep your child playing and exploring with abandon.

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Neil M believes in men's footwear that delivers all-day comfort and personalized fit. It's why Neil M shoes come in a wide range of sizes and widths to insure a more accurate fit and superior comfort. Every shoe has a removable footbed to accomodate custom orthotics and to allow custom fitting. A number of patterns are manufactured in the USA!

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Made in the USA. No other athletic shoe company can put that on their products. 25% of all New Balance shoes that are sold in North America are made in North America by a US workforce using US and imported materials. New Balance is renowned for sizes, widths, and performance.