My family and I came to your store for shoes for my son Jonathan. Jonathan is on the autism spectrum and can be very difficult. Shoe shopping is one of those difficult times. I wanted to email to recognize your employee, Jenny, in children's. Jenny was amazing with Jonathan! Patience and kind and understanding! She didn't see him as different. She saw a child that was going to be a challenge and rose to the occasion. Her sweet disposition and kindness was exemplary. Thank you Jenny for giving us a very positive experience! - Carrie, Fletcher, NC


To Jeff, "I can't thank you enough for your help today, especially for going with me to the parking garage. It was so good seeing you again, too. You are an asset to Tops! I love my shoes!" We agree, Nancy! - Nancy, Asheville, NC


I visited Asheville from Atlanta last week and my first stop as usual was Tops! I had the pleasure of being helped by Jeff and I just can’t say enough good things about him and my shopping experience. He was so patient, knowledgeable, and understanding about my foot needs. I will definitely ask for him when I return. - Susan, Atlanta GA


Have read the enthusiastic customer comments on your website regarding the excellence of your sales staff. Was in yesterday and Mark waited on me. Poor Mark. Little did he know he was in for a very difficult fitting session ... feet a half size apart ... difference in width ... slippage in the heel .... Not a problem for Mark. He kept trying and trying to fit me properly with a pair of shoes. All to no avail. Nothing was working. But, this did not phase him at all. He kept trying ... and trying ... and trying. Spent over an hour with me - much to his credit - but sorry to say we couldn't find a pair of shoes that really worked ... after all that. But, while Mark was not able to make a sale - through no fault of his own - here is what he did do. He represented Tops for Shoes in the best way possible! Was everything the customer would want a shoe salesperson to be ... attentive ... knowledgeable about the shoes he sells ... sensitive to the customer's needs ... and thankfully ... extremely patient. Did Mark win me over as a customer? You bet he did! As my wife and I were walking out the door, we were already making plans to come back and buy her a new pair of shoes. So, Mark DID make a sale after all. He "sold" me on Tops for Shoes as THE shoe store to find the best in shoes ... along with the best in sales. Please tell Mark how much I greatly appreciate all the time and effort he so willingly gave to me. - Brent, Hendersonville, NC


I wanted to let the managers of Tops know how much I appreciated Larry's help on Saturday, March 28, 2015 when I stopped at Tops to look for a pair of shoes that would fit my feet, the left one with the challenge of a runner's toe and frozen joint that makes walking in most shoes painful. Larry was amazing. I am over 60 and have never had a shoe sales person spend as much time with me with as much care and knowledge about feet as Larry has. He also knew which brands of shoes might work and went the extra mile to make sure that the pair I chose was the right one for my feet. I don't usually take the time to write notes like these, but Larry was truly exceptional. - Corrine, via e-mail


Though we try, we don't always succeed in finding just the right shoe for our customers but we just received this kind comment from Chris via e-mail: " I would like to take the opportunity to share with you a wonderful experience this past weekend at your shop... I have an unusual condition with my feet that requires time and attention to the choosing of my of your team mates, Robert Spevey(?) [Spivey] helped me thru the process, however, to no avail... Robert was patient with me and we looked at several models... You have a good man there, thoughtful and knowledgeable...but I am the one with the problem feet. Too many times we are so quick to complain, while we all just need to pass along a little goodness. Thank you to you and your staff, my wife and I will be back." - Chris, via e-mail.


Thanks so much for being such a wonderful store and having such good people working there. It seems as though every month I am telling someone about your shop and my friends who have shopped with you think you are as wonderful as I do. - Mignon, Greenville, SC


Hello my name is Meredith and I recently visited 'tops for shoes'. I wanted to let you know about the experience that I had because it was phenomenal. I had been shopping for shoes for my very wide footed seven-year-old boy and had no luck. I went to several stores and did online shopping and just didn't couldn't find anything. I had found 'Top for shoes' in a Google search and drove down from Burnsville to check it out. Upon entering the store I was greeted by Jo Hughbanks [Eubanks]. Who was amazing. She was so kind, so funny and so helpful. Because of her attitude and joyful disposition I wound up buying three pairs of shoes! I only needed one but she was so great. You have an incredible employee. She really made my shopping experience so pleasurable and I hope that you treat her well. I have never met her before until that day. I have no previous experience with Jo but that lady is wonderful! - Merideth, Burnsville, NC


In these days of "Buy it cheapest and wait on yourself" Topps [sic] continues to provide knowledgeable service and great products, they are an asset to our community. - Ann, Asheville, NC commenting on Citizen-Times article


There are a lot of employees there that have made this store great and should have been mentioned in this article. I know an employee there that has worked in the store since high school..... - Anita, Asheville, NC commenting on Citizen-Times article


Best store in town. I've been a customer there for about 50 years now. Great service. Excellent selection. Outstanding management. Congratulations to the owners and long time employees on their 60 years in business! - Stonee, Asheville, NC commenting on Citizen-Times article


Congratulations, Tops! Since 1987, I have loved this store. This is how America used to be, and should be again. That is, businesses were once loyal to both their customers and their employees. In return, customers and employees were loyal to them. One day soon we must return to this model of offering customer service, plus full-time jobs, health coverage, and pensions. - Linda, Asheville, NC commenting on Citizen-Times article


On April 30, 2013, I walked into Tops for Shoes in Asheville, NC, to purchase shoes for my daughters wedding, which was taking place in a few days. The salesman, Robert, was very thorough in measuring my feet (both left and right) and then proceeded to show me the most comfortable shoes, but appropriate for a wedding. Robert was very patient as I tried on many pairs, and did not rush me even though it was past the store's 6:00pm closing time. As for wedding, which was beautiful, but required a lot of walking and dancing. The shoes I bought, Clarks, were as comfortable as any NB walking shoes that I have owned, and made the day more even more enjoyable. So, a big thanks to Robert for his patience and knowledge of shoes. - Eddie


Thank you for your wonderful store. I always come buy (not a typo) whenever I'm near Asheville. Last time I was on a trip to the mountains with 8 friends and I took them and they all happily purchased shoes, too. Just wish you had a store in Birmingham. Though if you did, I might not be able to buy groceries. Love your shoes.....Jo - Jo, Birmingham, AL


We received this lovely thought via e-mail a few days ago: "Thank you for providing a remarkable shoe store for those of us who truly appreciate both beautiful and beautifully constructed shoes. I am one of you most ardent fans and buy shoes from you almost exclusively. Thank you for making our day! - Becky, Fairview, NC


"In recent years I have developed problems with one of my feet.... I finally realizes I was shopping at the wrong stores. On Friday, September 7th I arrived at Tops... and was met by Denise in the Ladies' Department. I am so impressed with her knowledge, care and concern. Her exceptional customer service represents Tops at its finest. I not only bought one pair, I bought two pairs of ECCO's. I left wearing one pair and the rest of my shopping involved lots of walking. I was able to walk with none of the symptoms that have bothered me for so long. I would like Denise to be recognized for her outstanding abilities and concern for her customer. - Jayne, Columbus, NC


Just want to say - I buy my shoes from Tops because I think it's the best shoe store in the country that I've ever seen! I call Frankie and she gives the best customer service. I live in Algoma, WI and visited your store with some friends several years ago. You can use my testimonial any time! - Bonnie in Wisconsin.


We just received the nicest comment from Larry and Gail! Here it is... Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much we enjoyed our interaction with Vincent yesterday when we came in to look for shoes. He was knowledgeable, helpful, patient, witty and wise. He was very helpful, attentive and kind to Gail We walked out knowing more about our feet and shoes than when we walked in, and we left with probably some of the best fitting shoes we have ever had. Ryan was also very helpful in finding some good shoes for me. As one who does not like shopping for shoes, we found the experience yesterday very uplifting. - Larry, Fletcher, NC


I am not a shopper, which is why I love Tops when I need shoes. I just find Vince, tell him what I'm looking for, and he brings me the perfect shoe. Every time. I'm usually happily back out the door in 10 minutes. Tops has the shoes. Vince knows what they are. - Jennifer K.


While Tops for Shoes isn't exactly overrun with competition — especially in downtown Asheville — when it comes to footwear, the much-loved local store operates as if the stakes were extremely high. Separate men's, women's and children's sections are stocked with styles that range from casual to high fashion and classic to trendy. And then there's the sale section — racks upon racks of must-haves, enhanced by (be still our fluttering hearts) penny sales. — A.M. - A.M.-Posted on Mountain Xpress Best Of page


Even in New York City I can't walk in and find three pairs of size 11 like I can at Tops! - Elizabeth, Chapel Hill, NC


We just received a lovely request via e-mail from a customer in Hickory, NC who said, "PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND ME SALE NOTICES- THANKS FOR THE GREAT SELECTION AND GREAT SALES! YOU ARE WITHOUT RIVAL! Thank you so much! - June, Hickory, NC


I have looked all over the world for shoes to fit my wide feet... Justine fit me in two pairs. - Stephanie, currently residing in Japan


Thank you kindly for handling this problem... This is why we shop at TOPS FOR SHOES!! - Marcia, Plantation, FL


I'm so blessed to be working with people like y'all... I appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness, and love. - Maggie, Asheville, NC


The lady who waited on me was knowledgeable about the product, interested in my need, and a very interesting person. - Betsey, Little Switzerland, NC